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A little about Sara...

I have been playing with makeup for as long as I can remember.  At some point during high school, my friends began to ask me for advice, tips and makeovers.  I continued to be the makeup go-to girl into adulthood. I booked my first wedding in 1999 and have since learned that the best way is to take a consultative approach to makeup artistry.  It is important to me that on your big day, you feel like you still look like yourself, only a little more polished, glamorous or 
high-end brands, some highly rated drugstore brands and a few lesser known online sellers.  Since I have no allegiances or prejudices, I have accumulated an impressive mix of products.
I spend at least a little time almost every day researching new techniques, testing new products and innovating new styles.  I take a consultative approach to each session.  It is important to me that you look like you.  More than that, if I am working with a bridal party, each girl should have their own look.
​Thank you for visiting my site.  I have big plans for the future, so check back often!
sultry - depending on the look you want.
When you book with me you can expect an in-person consultation where I take the time to get to know you and answer any and all questions you have.  Since I plan on spending a good amount of time very close to your face, it’s best that we get to know one another.
While I specialize in weddings, I am available for any special event or for any occasion where you will be having your picture taken. I am also available for beauty consultations and help building your personal beauty regimen.  I am not affiliated with any brand, so I can make recommendations for any budget.
I have an extensive and ever-expanding makeup collection.  I invest primarily in